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Do you have energy concerns about your existing attics and older 'retrofit' houses? We offer products and services that can reduce your energy bills.
Are you a home builder or are you having a home built for you? Our new EcoBatt insulation is not only energy-efficient, but it is environmentally friendly as well.

Gary Spotts, Insulation, Inc. was established in 1977. Based in Telford, PA, we now provide full-service home energy insulation to southeastern PA and southern New Jersey. Over the years we have embraced many changes, but the founding principals of pride, perseverance, honesty and dedication, by which we serve our clients, has remained. This has led to our growth and our commitment to an eco-friendly environment in your home. When making improvements to your home, new or old, we have environmentally friendly energy-saving products to implement safely and efficiently.

We provide insulation services for new housing projects as well as attics and older 'retrofit' houses to increase energy efficiency. We have several techniques can be used to save you money. Our jet-blown and Ecobatt insulation (green Insulation) products achieve energy efficiency while protecting the environment.